Update on Chinas SPRO

This post is an update to Chinas MSA list of SPROS.

As discussed in our previous port this regulations require owners/operators of (a) any ship carrying polluting and hazardous cargoes in bulk or (b) any other vessel above 10,000 GT to enter into a pollution clean-up contract with a Maritime Safety Agency (MSA) approved Ship Pollution Response Organization before the vessel enters a PRC port. Read More...

Updated info & FAQ for Approved Chinese SPROs

In continuation to our previous post Chinese MSA has issued a notice on 22 December requiring any Ship carrying polluting or hazardous cargo or any other vessel above 10'000 GT should have a signed pollution clean up contract with an MSA approved SPROs before entering Chinese Ports.

Below you can find most common and useful FAQ produced by International Group. Read More...

Chinese MSA list of approved OSRO or SPROs contractors

Chinese MSA finally released list of approved OSRO for class I and class II. These two classes cover almost all tankers and dry cargo vessels larger than 30000GT. Vessels calling Chinese ports after 1st of January 2012 should have a signed contract with one of the approved SPORs. Read More...

Chinese MSA list of approved contractors for the Control of Marine Pollution from Ships further postponed

Reference to our previous posts dated 28/2/2010 and 30/4/2010 regarding appointment of approved Oil Spill Response Organizations (OSRO) by Chinese MSA, we have been informed that the already delayed list, planed to be published within August, is now further delayed and is going to be released in October 2011.
It is advisable that operators do not enter any contractual agreements with any OSROs until the approved list is released by Chinese MSA.