One Phone Call Away Vessels Emergency Response Service (VERS)

In the unfortunate event of a vessels grounding or structural failure our companies Emergency Response Service will help you take the right decisions for the vessel, cargo and crew.

24/7 service availability.

In compliance with:
  • OPA 90, 33CFR155.240
  • MARPOL Annex I Ch.5, Reg 37(4)
  • ISM code SOLAS, Chap.IX

In an Emergency

  • Residual longitudinal strength & stability
  • Intact and damage stability calculations
  • Float-ability - Salvage scenarios
  • Rapid evaluation of Towing scenarios
  • MARPOL requirements
  • Minimise oil outflow, reducing overall polution
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Day to Day operation

  • Residual longitudinal strength due to corrosion, or mechanical damages
  • Rapid local strength calculations
  • Ship to Shore Drill compliance in accordance with SOLAS, Chap.IX
  • Tank calibration tables (adjustment / correction)
  • Stability calculations
  • Shore-base confirmation of vessels loading - ballast conditions.
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