ISM / ISPS Services

Why Outsource ISM to ANCO

** You will employ experienced professionals with deep knowledge of regulations and requirements. We know what is required for your type and size of vessel. Be prepared before surveyors request you to do so.

** Use our collective experience and knowledge that we gather from all our clients. You can benefit by lessons learned by others and avoid accidents. Updating procedures in order to be inline with latest international regulations to avoid problems with underwriters.

** It will cost less than having an in house ISM department. This is possible due to economy of scale. Have a better service with less cost.

** We will efficiently monitor all safety items and certificates and make sure you are well informed regarding their survey dates. We will follow up and make sure that everything is up to date.

** Efficient follow up of ISM system with effective ship board audits. We will make sure that crew members can pass effectively Port State Control and third party inspections.

** Because we cooperate with deferent shipping companies we are in a position to see deferent business practices with their results. The result, by transferring our experience to your company in addition to your practices, will be very beneficiary to your organization.