Update to China's Pre-Contract requirement with OSRO prior vessels entering Chines port

Reference to our previous posting dated 28/2/2010 below, regarding vessels entering chinese ports carrying liquid hazardous and pollutant bulk cargoes and other vessels above 10000 GT, is postponed until PRC MSA issues updated rules. Managers are advised not to enter in to contractual agreements with OSRO until relevant rules have been published by Chinese MSA.

Since nobody knows what exactly are the requirements the OSRO companies must comply to and on what contractual terms these companies will operate, the enforcement of this requirement is expected to be further postponed for three months.

Local MSAs should not issue list of contractors until Peoples Republic of Chinas MSA issues these extra rules and requirements for the OSRO companies.

It is recommended to contact your club before entering such contractual agreement.

We are continuously monitoring this mater and we will inform you accordingly.