Australian PSC inspectors increased focus on ECDIS compliance with SOLAS requirements

According with AMSA marine notice 7/2012, guidance for the compliance of ECDIS according SOLAS was published. Also a flow chart is available to help ship managers to perform self evaluation. Finally as ECDIS requirements will come in to force 1st July 2012, for some types of vessels, PSC inspectors will focus on their SOLAS compliance. We recommend to use this guidance as compliance check not only for Australian ports. Read More...

Reminder of Ship-Helicopter operation manual/procedures for vessels within Australian territorial water

As from 1st August 2010 vessels within Australian waters intending to perform Ship-Helicopter operations must comply with ICS Guide as far as practical. You might not intent to perform such operations, but according with “5.5 Medical or other emergencies” you might have to, so it is recommended to place such procedures on board to avoid problems with AMSA. Also in case of pilot boarding with helicopter then vessel must comply with above requirement. Read More...

Australian Port State Control focused inspection campaign regarding safe cargo stowage and container securing arrangements

AMSA intents to conduct a three month focused inspection campaign (FIC) between 1 February 2010 to 30 April 2010 in all Australian ports. The FIC will primary concentrate on container securing arrangements. AMSAs intension is to ensure that masters comply with SOLAS Regulation 5 chapter VI relating to the stowage and securing of cargo.

Australia Maritime Safety Authority Marine Notice Focused Marine Inspection