ISM amendments in force from 1 July 2010

Amendments of the ISM code according to MSC.273(85) will come in to force from 1 July 2010.
In brief, the main amended points are:

  1. Annual internal company and vessels safety audits may exceed the 12 months period for up to 3 months in exceptional cases. Paragraph 12.1
  2. Renewed Safety Management Certificates (SMC) will have an expiry date, five years after the expiry date of existing (old or expired) SMC and not five years from the issue date of renewed SMC. Paragraph 13.12
  3. When SMC expires while vessel is at sea, the administration may extend validity of certificate up to three months in order to allow vessel to complete the voyage to the port where renewal survey will take place. Paragraph 13.14.
  4. Further more risk assessments and risk management procedures must be developed by the operators to meet the amended ISM code requirements.
  5. In the following link you can download MSC273(85) where we have added comments with the old ISM code for your easy reference to compare.

MSC273(85) see pages 2 and 3 highlighted text and comments