GL to increase dry docking period to 7.5 years

Well do not rush to transfer your vessel to GL if you are a Bulk carrier or Tanker operator. This requirement is applicable to the following type of vessels:

- General Cargo
- Containers
- Multi Purpose dry cargo vessels (MPP)


In order GL to grand an 7.5 year dry docking period the following requirements should be applicable:

- Vessel should have an In Water (IW) notation. IW notation consist of the following
Allowing divers to take clearances of ruder bushes, sea-chest gratings able to be opened in order to allow cleaning of sea chests and some markings on the hull to be installed.
- GL Hull manager implemented onboard.
- Planed maintenance and continues machinery scheme for machinery items.
- Approved Shaft bearing and sealing system with implementation of regular monitoring procedures.
- Coating condition of ballast tanks to be of GOOD condition
- Vessel to be free from any condition of classes concerning under water parts.

For new buildings

- The hull dry film thickness should be minimum 300 microns, excluding anti-foulings
- Anodes able to withstand 7.5 years of service or impressed current system installed on board and maintained.

In case of a change of owner or flag GL reserves the right to withdraw the extension and a dry docking might be due.

You can read more in GL web site in the following