Denial of entry by USCG for vessels with three detentions within 12 month period

US Coast Guard has advised that they have now implemented a system that monitors vessels history and are in position to ban substandard vessels from entering US ports. The ban will be applied to vessels of non US flag with three detentions within a twelve month period. Vessels must comply to all international IMO and US regional requirements. Also the vessels must be able to prove that they have an effective ISM and that they do not represent a potential security threat.

Our interpretation to effective ISM is to follow best management practices and to an actual operating ISM and not a paper system. For example, if a USCG surveyor inspects the vessel and find that hatch covers rubber channels of cargo hold openings are wasted while three or six months ISM inspection forms state that everything is in good condition this could raise problems. It goes without saying that safety equipment items like life boat release mechanisms, fire pumps, etc must be in tip top operating condition otherwise detention is most likely. Also in advanced surveys PSC can request safety drills to be performed within acceptable time limits as stated in SOLAS.

The banning will be connected with vessels IMO number and companies DOC. It can be lifted after specific corrective actions taken by the management company as recommended by the inspection authority.

How We Can Help

Our survey experience can assist your company by inspecting your company vessels, identifying potential USCG deficiencies and propose corrective actions. We will perform a combined ISM/ISPS and statutory survey/audit in order to determine the effectiveness of the ISM system.
An inspector outside the companies staff is recommended since it brings a deferent mentality and items that considered acceptable by the management could be potentially not acceptable by the USCG.

By doing so you can minimize the possibility of a potential detention.