USCG issued warning for quick closing valves maintenance and operational procedures

USCG has issued a warning regarding the operating failure of quick closing valves. Ch. Engineers will have to present not only the satisfactory operating of quick closing valves but also maintenance records and operating instructions.

Description of requirement

The U.S. Coast Guard strongly recommends that owners/operators, vessel engineers, PSCOs, Class society and other machinery space inspection personnel ensure:
a) The QCV operating system is capable of remotely closing all valves as designed; some systems close valves sequentially and others simultaneously.
b) There is a maintenance plan in place, including technical manuals containing diagrams and information that describe the system components, required spare parts, operation, maintenance and repair.
c) That all engine department personnel can identify the location of each valve, the respective remote closure and how to close them locally and remotely in an emergency.

Note: During Coast Guard PSC Exams, vessel engineers should be able to explain maintenance requirements of the system, and provide operational test and maintenance records. Engineers should be able to describe how to test the valves, reset them after closure, and understand their operational importance.

How We Can Help

We recommend ISM departments to implement in their planned maintenance procedures for maintenance of quick closing valves. An additional check box stating that quick closing valves have been maintained could be sufficient, although not recommended, as long as Ch.Eng can illustrate sufficiently operation reset and maintenance records.
We recommend to contact manufacturer of quick closing valves and implement their maintenance procedures in your companies manual. For your easy reference we have included below operational, installation and maintenance manual from one manufacturer.

LK Valve operation and maintenance manual.