TOKYO MOU CIC on Harmful Substances

The Tokyo MOU and Indian Ocean MOU have announced a Concentrated Inspection Campaign CIC for marine pollutants (harmful substances) carried in packaged form in accordance with Marpol Annex III, SOLAS VII and IMDG Code. The CIC is a three month campaign starting from 1 September 2010 up to 30 November 2010.

Description of requirement

PSCs in Tokyo MOU and Indian Ocean MOU during CIC will check the following:

-whether harmful substances are marked, stowed and marked as appropriate.
- whether the ship has an appropriate document of compliance (DOC) for carrying harmful substances (marine pollutants)
- whether the ship is provided with relevant documents and information corresponding to the harmful substances (marine pollutants) carried on board
- whether emergency procedures to be employed in the event of an incident involving harmful substances (marine pollutants) are in place
- crew awareness.

check list issued by Tokyo MOU is available to managers/owneres for their best preparation.