Reminder of Ship-Helicopter operation manual/procedures for vessels within Australian territorial water

As from 1st August 2010 vessels within Australian waters intending to perform Ship-Helicopter operations must comply with ICS Guide as far as practical. You might not intent to perform such operations, but according with “5.5 Medical or other emergencies” you might have to, so it is recommended to place such procedures on board to avoid problems with AMSA. Also in case of pilot boarding with helicopter then vessel must comply with above requirement.

Description of requirement

According with AMSAs MO 57 vessels within Australian waters that intend to perform ship-helicopter operations must comply with the following:

-Designating helicopter landing or winch area. (see below picture)
-Perform structural strength calculations for the landing area of the helicopter.
-Develop helicopter approach, landing, boarding and take off procedures
-Details for the communication between vessel master and helicopter pilot regarding any potential obstacles in the vicinity of the landing area
-Develop crew training procedures,drills for above operations
-State fire fighting means in case of helicopter accident.
-Provisions of emergency operations such as medical evacuations.

vessels helicopter area as per AMSA
Helipad Area

How We Can Help

Our company can prepare related manuals and deck strength calculations in order to comply with AMSA MO:57.