Record keeping of Ozone Depleting Substances should be maintained onboard after 1 July 2010. (Update)

According with MARPOL ANNEX VI Regulation 12 as from 1 July 2010 vessels must have a list and record book of Ozone Depleting Substances.
This is an update from our previous post with the addition of periodic survey requirements. Furthermore will find list of Ozone Depleting Substances, sample list of equipment, what has to be recorded in ODS record book, commercial names of ODS and in what category and restrictions are applicable to each of them. Finally we will be glad to assist you in the above
free of charge.

Description of the Requirement

This regulation does not apply to permanent sealed equipment that have no connections that will allow the refrigerant to be recharged or discharge from this equipment. Also it is not applicable to small refrigerators for domestic use.

In the following
link you can download sample list of equipment containing Ozone Depleting Substances produced by NK.

Also since 1 July 2010 vessels must have an Ozone Deleting Substances record book describing all of the following operations in kg without delay:

- Recharging full or partial, of equipment containing ozone depleting substances
- Discharge of ozone depleting substances to the atmosphere.
- Repair or maintenance of equipment containing ozone depleting substances
---Deliberate or Non-deliberate
- Discharge of ozone depleting substances to land based reception facilities

- Supply of ozone depleting substances to the ship

The Ozone Depleting Substances record book may be part of an existing log-book or in electronic form, but it has to be approved by the administration.

Crew must be informed not to release ODS in to the atmosphere. This should be documented on board. Either by placing a sign next to the equipment, documented info in the training manual, intracompany circular or even a sign board in engine control room.

Finally make sure that the surveyor will issue new Marpol Annex VI with updated information in the first periodical survey.

Period Leak Inspection (Update)

Additionally to the above a periodic leak inspection must be performed by the crew.

The following recommended inspection periodicity is not mandatory. If a company from past experience wants to implement deferent time intervals it can do so as long as they are justified.

I-- < 3 kg Bottle cooler, walk-in chambers, split A/C units Yearly
II-- 3 ≤ 30 kg Control room A/C, small provision chambers Quarterly
III-- 30 ≤ 300 kg Cargo ship accommodation A/C, provision rooms Monthly
IV-- 300 kg & over Cargo refrigeration plants, passenger ship A/C Weekly *

  • interval may be extended depending on the number of leaks being found.

The following inspection methods are recommended:
  • Water soap solution
  • Propane or butane flame color alteration
  • Electronic sensor detection apparatus
  • Fluorescent dye embedded to the refrigerant

Ozone Depleting Substances

- Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
- Halon
- Carbon tetrachloride, Methyl chloroform
- Hydrobromofluorocarbons (HBFCs)
- Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) (R22, R141b)
- Methyl Bromide
- Bromochloromethane (BCM)

Although most of the above are not allowed to be used on board ships at the present time, HCFCs can be used on board ships until 2020.

Category 1 / Prohibited in new installations from 19/5/1995

R11, R12, R13
R111, R112, R113, R114, R115
R211, R212, R213, R214, R215, R216, R217

Category 2 / Prohibited in new installations from 1/1/2020

R21, R22
R121 to R124
R131 to R133
R141 to R142
R221 to R226
R231 to R235
R241 to R244
R251 to R253
R261 to R262

Category 3 / No restriction apply

R407a, R407b, R407c

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Commercial Trade Names of Ozone Depleting Substances

Mixtures of Ozone Depleting Substances

Type / Trade Name -------------------------------Company------------------------------------------Composition------------------------------ ----------- ------ Ashrae - Discontinued

Single Component Ozone Depleting Substances