Non Discharge Zone (NDZ) in California marine waters

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established a Non Discharge Zone (NDZ) in the California marine waters as from 28 March 2012.California marine waters extend 3 nautical miles from the base line. In this post you can download NDZ map.

Description of the requirement

The NDZ is applicable for:

*All Passenger vessels of 300GT or greater
*Oceangoing vessels of 300 GT or greater with sewage holding tank capacity or containing sewage generated outside California marine waters.

Vessels within the above two classes are strictly prohibited to discharge any sewage treated or not within NDZ, as from 28 March 2012.

See the map for California NDZ as published from EPA or download the map in pdf. NDZ is marked with bold deep bleu and Marine Sanctuaries with light bleu hatch where discharges are also prohibited.