The Manila Amendments

The Manila amendments of the STCW convention will come in force on 1st January 2012. In this post you will find the major amendments and application time table.

The following application dates may change depending on flag states. We strongly recommend you to contact your flag administration and the crewing certification issuing authorities. Use the following dates as a guide:

1st January 2012

Rest hours increased from 70 to 77 for a set of 7 days period and a minimum of 10 hours rest in every 24 hours period.
The 10 hours of rest can not be divided in to more than two periods , one of which must be at least 6 hours.
The intervals between rest periods can not be more than 14 hours.
*New requirements for the prevention of drag and alcohol. Specific limit of blog alcohol level 0.05% and 0.25mg/l alcohol in the breath.

1st July 2013

All new entrance
commencing training should be trained according with new standards below:

*Able seaman both deck (Reg II/5) and engine (Reg III/5) should have a certificate of competency. This is a new type of certificate.
*New requirements relating to training in electronic charts and information systems (ECDIS)
*New training and certification requirements for electro-technical officers (Reg III/6) and electro-technical ratings (Reg III/7)
*New Training guidance for personnel serving on board ships operating in polar waters
*New training guidance for personnel operating Dynamic positioning Systems
*New requirements for maintaining standards of competence and refresher training
*Introduction of modern training methodology including distance learning and web based learning
*Updating of competence requirements for personnel serving on board all types of tankers, including new requirements for personnel serving on liquefied gas tankers.
*Updating of competence requirements for deck and engine officers
*New requirements for marine environment awareness training and training in leadership and teamwork.

1st January 2014

New requirements for security training:
*Security relating familiarization training STCW Reg VI/6 & Part A Section A-VI/6.1
*Security awareness training STCW Reg VI/6 & Part A Section A-VI/6.4
*Training for mariners with designated security duties STCW Reg VI/6 & Part A-VI/6.6

On board or ashore training should be via an approved course recognized by the issuing authority.

1st January 2017

*All above requirements to be applicable for both new seafarers and seafarers with certificates issued before 1st January 2012.
*Updated standards relating to medical fitness standards for seafarers.

*Safe manning certificate should include the following new qualifications: (Confirm the below with your flag administration)
**Reg II/5 able seafarer deck
**Reg III/5 able seafarer engine room
**Reg III/6 electro-technical officer
**Reg III/7 electro-technical rating