New list with acceptable cleaning agents for Chemical Tankers or Marpol Annex II vessels

According with 13.5.2 of revised Marpol Annex II which came in to force 1 January 2007, places restrictions on the cleaning agents used in tank cleaning operations applicable to chemical tankers or vessels with Marpol Annex II certificate. Restricted cleaning agents according to MEPC/Circ.363 can be used up to 31 December 2010 and can be sold up to 1 August 2010.
List of acceptable cleaning agents can be found in this post, to be used after the above dates.

Description of requirement

The exact wording of Annex II amendment is:

13.5.2 When small amounts of cleaning additives (detergent products) are added to water in order to facilitate tank washing, no additives containing pollution category X components shall be used except those components that are readily biodegradable and present in a total concentration of less than 10%. No restrictions additional to those applicable to the tank due to the previous cargo should apply.î

List of Acceptable cleaning agents/additives

A list with acceptable cleaning agents has been adopted according with MEPC.2/Circ.15 Annex 10. Please refer to pages 52 to 72 of said circular.

43 additional additives have been approved by the IMO-Sub Comity and will be published on 17 December 2010 in MEPC.2/Circ.16.