LSA Code Amendments applicable to New Buildings

LSA Code amendments concerning changes to life jackets, life boys, immersion suits, are applicable to vessels having keel laying on or after 1 July 2010. For vessels with keel laying before 1 July 2010 the LSA amendments are applicable for replacement equipment ONLY.

It is advisable to contact flag administration to get a written confirmation that below requirements are not applicable to existing vessels with keel laying before 1 July 2010. Place a copy of this letter on board to avoid any possible problems with PSC inspections.

If a life boat is replaced without replacing it’s launching appliance, the life boat might be of the same type as the replaced. Read our previous post “
Increase of life & rescue boat occupants weight from 75 kg to 82.5 kg” regarding MSC272(85)

Description of the Requirement

Below we have summarized the alterations to the equipment
MSC207(81) enforces and some note worthy paragraphs.

Life Boys
-The following Life boys to have mass not less than 4 kg. Life boy that is intended to operate a quick release provided for the self activated smoke signal and self-ignited light.

Life Jackets
- Each lifejacket shall be fitted with a whistle firmly secured by a lanyard.
- Lifejacket lights and whistles shall be selected and secured to the lifejacket in such a way that their performance in combination is not degraded.
- A lifejacket shall be provided with a releasable buoyant line or other means to secure it to a lifejacket worn by another person in the water.
- A lifejacket shall be provided with a suitable means to allow a rescuer to lift the wearer from the water into a survival craft or rescue boat
- the method of securing the lifejacket to the wearer has quick and positive means of closure that do not require tying of knots;
- after demonstration, all persons can correctly don it within a period of 1 min without assistance;
- Lifejackets shall be provided in three sizes in accordance with table 2.1. Lifejackets shall be marked by either weight or height, or by both weight and height, according to table 2.1. (see table 2.1 in attached
MSC207(81) file) New technical requirements for life jacket lights.

Inflatable life Jackets
-2.2.2 A lifejacket which depends on inflation for buoyancy shall have not less than two separate compartments,
- inflate automatically upon immersion,
- Having an automatic mechanism in order to comply with the following buoyancy requirement after inflation: “buoyancy which is not reduced by more than 5% after 24 h submersion in fresh water”

Immersion Suits
- if is designed to be worn without a lifejacket, shall be provided with a suitable means to allow a rescuer to lift the wearer from the water into a survival craft or rescue boat.”
- The immersion suit shall be marked to indicate that it must be worn in conjunction with a compatible lifejacket.”
- by separate gloves and a hood, both of which shall be permanently attached to the suit;”

Anti Exposure suits
-New technical requirements for anti-exposure suits.

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