Emergency Towing Procedures manuals

The amendments of SOLAS Regulation II-1/3-4 according with IMO resolution MSC256(84) requires that not only tankers but ALL vessels should have an emergency towing procedure manual on board, based on existing equipment.

Tankers larger than 20000 deadweight already have an emergency towing procedure manual and specialized equipment on board according with Regulation II-1/3-4 before its recent amended as stated above.

Applicable to & when

The above requirement applies as follows:

- All passenger ships not later than 1st January 2010
- Cargo ships (other than passenger) having their keel laid on or after 1 January 2010, on delivery
- Cargo ships (other than passenger) having their keel laid on before 1 January 2010, not later than January 2012

Description of the Requirement

The emergency towing procedure manual should include a procedure that the crew must follow in case of an emergency towing. This procedure must be based on vessels existing equipment. Procedure should take in to consideration the maximum allowable forces the fusting equipment could withstand.

The manuals should include the following:
- Drawing / arrangement showing possible towing arrangements
- Description of procedures should be followed before and during the towing operations.
- Methods and means of communication between all relative parties during the towing process
- Inventory of equipment used during this process

These procedures do not need to be approved by the classification societies but the surveyors have to confirm that the manuals are on board the vessel.

The procedure should be incorporated and considered as part of the emergency preparedness required by paragraph 8 of part “A” of the ISM code.

The manuals should be prepared by the owners / managers and not the ship builders.

Our company can prepare above mention manuals, if requested.